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Bell times - Inquiry - Discovery - Specalists

Bell Times

8:45am Enter the School Building

8:50am Beginning of Day

8:55am Start of Learning Time

10:55am Eating Time

11:00am Outside Recess Bell

11:30am End of Recess/Learning Block

1:30pm Eating Time

1:40pm Outside Lunch bell

2:10pm End of Lunch

3:10pm Dismissal


8:55-9:55am Learning Block 1

9:55-10:55am Learning Block 2

11:30-12:30pm Learning Block 3

12:30-1:30pm Learning Block 4

2:10-3:10pm Learning Block 5


At St Mary’s we have developed an Inquiry-based learning program which can be a student centred or an active learning approach that takes, as its starting point, the natural process of inquiry, building on this to develop information processing and problem-solving skills.


Our class teachers use an inquiry framework to teach Science, Health, History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship. Students are supported in inquiry based learning and the specific skills, such as:

  • Research,

  • Questioning and predicting

  • Planning and conducting fair tests

  • Processing and analysing data and information

  • Evaluating and communicating findings


We encourage families to become involved in their child’s learning by asking them about the inquiry learning they’re doing at school. Often we find the whole family gets involved and that’s when the best learning happens!


Discovery is a time for students to learn through self-directed inquiry. It is an opportunity that is strategically shaped by teachers to enable students to learn more about; themselves; how to live and work with others; and the world they live in.


Discovery Teachers create opportunities by creating areas that encourage children to play, create, discover and explore in different ways. They do this by designing the learning environment and providing materials and provocations that support student learning.


  • Discovery supports and encourages the development of;

    • oral language

    • literacy practices

    • mathematical skills and concepts

    • social skills and collaboration skills

    • personal management skills

    • critical thinking, problem solving and reflective thinking

    • learner dispositions such as persistence, curiosity, creativity, resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability

    • understanding of and positive attitude towards themselves as learners


At St Mary’s the students are involved in four different specialist learning areas. These sessions are 1 hour each.  All students are involved in Physical Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts sessions weekly. The P-2 students take part in Cultural Studies, whicle the Years 3-6 students have Japanese.


We believe these specialist lessons enrich the students learning and help to develop the whole child.  There are opportunities to participate in interschool sporting competitions at the Yrs 3-6 level. We have a biannual Concert and Art Show on alternate years, which all students in the school are involved in.



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