Mercury Newspaper

Community Liaison Leader

As Community Liaison Leader it is my role to build strong relationships / partnerships within both the St Mary’s school community and the wider Lancefield/Romsey and surrounding community. It is about making connections with the community in order to provide our students with a broader range of experiences from community groups coming into the school and our students experiencing community life outside of school.  The role includes working with student groups.


The role includes initiating and running events throughout the school year which will involve our school and the wider community.  

Events include:

Walk to School Month (a Vichealth initiative), St Mary’s Feast Day, National Ride 2 School Day, National Day Against Bullying, Mother’s & Father’s Day Breakfasts, Grandparents Day and Day for Daniel.

Another aspect of the role is building partnerships with local community groups such as the Deep Creek Landcare Group, Lancefield & Romsey  Neighbourhood Houses, Country Women’s Association and the Lancefield Mens Shed.

It is important to keep everyone informed of what is happening in regards to school community so I publish Community News in the schools fortnightly newsletter and monthly in the Lancefield Mercury.  I also regularly contact the local newspapers to let them know of events and activities happening at the school.

Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies:  a group of students who get together to help those in need within their school or wider community.  Mini Vinnies introduces students to social justice issues, to the St Vincent de Paul Society and to living faith through action.  I assist the students in running fundraisers, awareness campaigns etc for those in need. Community organisations we have assisted in the past include Caritas, MacKillop Family Services and Refugee Groups.​

Beginning in 2019, the Mini Vinnies now work with Feed it Forward, a generosity food movement connecting community one meal at a time.  This includes monthly lunches held at either Lancefield or Romsey where the students serve and interact with the patrons.